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Gallery - Brian M. Korff DMD           Call   610-783-7772

A highly-skilled dentist like Dr. Korff can create an invisible repair undetectable to the naked eye. Using tooth colored composite resin, a repair can be bonded in place to correct a fractured edge or corner of a tooth in one appointment, sometimes without the need of anesthetic. This procedure can be done quickly and painlessly.

Before - Tooth Colored Composite ResinAfter - Tooth Colored Composite Resin

Repair of a more complex fracture. One of the most challenging restorations to be done is matching a single front tooth to the other teeth so that it is undetectable. Dr. Korff has the skills necessary to achieve this result, thereby negating the need for multiple veneers in order to blend the shade more easily. This reduces the cost of this repair dramatically. This fracture involved half of the tooth. A full porcelain crown was crafted and placed to provide a strong undetectable restoration of the fractured tooth.

Before - Chipped Tooth RepairAfter - Chipped Tooth Repair

Restoring a missing tooth with an implant, again, a single front tooth was replaced to provide an undetectable restoration of an implant. This allows the patient to forgo the need for expensive crown and bridgework.

Before - Tooth Restoration ImplantAfter - Tooth Restoration Implant

Smile Makeovers: In some cases there is no other solution but to crown all of the front teeth. These next two patients demonstrate how an improved smile can drastically change one's appearance. This is a permanent restoration, accomplished over five visits.

Before - Tooth CrowningAfter - Tooth Crowning

This is another patient showing what is accomplished in the first visit where the teeth are prepared and the patient leaves with a temporary bridge.

Before - Tooth CrowningAfter - Tooth Crowning





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